Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out: Starting the 8 Week Challenge

Evangelism the Way You Were Born To Do It

​How do you start meaningful conversations about your relationship with Jesus Christ? God gives you daily opportunities to share His love with others. You don’t have to look hard to take advantage of the right moments to help other people find the love and joy of Jesus in their lives. Do you feel nervous about the thought of talking to others about your faith? In Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out, you’ll learn how to incorporate biblical stories into conversations with the people in your life. You already have the gifts necessary to share God’s love with other people. You don’t need a memorized evangelism script or a tract handy. Simply relax, tell your story, and you might be amazed at how natural it can be to share Jesus.

Our 8 Week Church-Wide Evangelism Book Study starts today. We will be reading and studying through Sharing Jesus Without Freaking Out by Alvin Reid. (Good News… all the copies at the church have been picked up. You can click the link and get your copy online)

Here is the way it will work…

  1. Get a copy of the book and read ONE chapter each week along with the rest of the church.
  2. Find a friend who is reading the book and keep each other accountable.
  3. Sign up for the 8 Week Challenge HERE.
  4. Each Week you will get an email from B&H Publishing with devotional thoughts and a teaching video on the chapter you are reading. (I will also be posting the teaching videos each Wednesday)
  5. Check back to regularly for more evangelism resources.
  6. Share the Gospel with someone each week.

For today…

  1. Watch the book trailer above.
  2. Sign up for the challenge and let us know in the comments that you are in…
  3. Begin reading Chapter 1
  4. Find a friend/ accountability partner
  5. Pray for God to give you opportunities and desire to share the Gospel.

“If one member from each of our 47,000 churches shares the Gospel each day, it would result in over 17 million Gospel conversations in a year,” Ezell told messengers at the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix. “Can you imagine what would happen if Southern Baptists had that many Gospel conversations?” — Kevin Ezell (NAMB President)


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