Some Thoughts on the Election…

While I am not thrilled with our president, and cannot stand for his moral/immoral stance… a couple of things to remember:
1. Everyone likes to say it, but as Christians we MUST believe it… Our Lord is enthroned forever. Remember that in the end, Jesus is the one Who has promised to destroy America (and every other nation) to reveal His Kingdom… There will be only one banner flying in the ne

w heavens and new earth… the banner of Jesus.
2. Our first priorities now as Christians must be to pray for our leaders and make disciples who make disciples… amazingly, no matter who is in the oval office, this will be our commissioning from our Lord.
3. Prosperity is not a promise from God. It is also not a sufficient reason to be upset about our nations. It is better to be righteous and poor than to be wrong and prosperous. More Christians need to concentrate on GIVING away what they have for the sake of the Gospel and the suffering as opposed to HOLDING ON to things that will never satisfy us.
4. The moral decline of our nation is not Obama’s fault. It is sin’s fault. It is OUR fault. Things aren’t worse morally now than they have been… in the 60’s “Christians” beat and killed people because of the color of their skin, made them drink out of different fountains, eat at different counters, go to different churches, schools, etc. In the 18th and 19th centuries “Christians” thought it was ok (if not biblical) to OWN PEOPLE like they were cattle. We have to remember that no Republican president has been able to change the morals of our nation (abortions were legal thru Reagan, Bush, Bush Jr.) and no president has ever saved anyone from their sins… Only Jesus has the power to save.What will you be talking about today? The problems of America, or will you a part of the solution by proclaiming Christ? We have a job to do… and that job has been the same… and will stay the same… until Christ returns. See you at Old Powhatan Baptist Church this Sunday as we move to being people of ETERNAL things.



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