How’s Your Bible Reading Going?

We’re over a week in to 2013. How’s your Bible Reading going? Here are a couple of hints for keeping up the good fight of Bible reading.

1. Don’t do it on your own. GET SOME ACCOUNTABILITY. Get your plan together and get another person (or 5) to read along the same plan with you. Then talk about what you are reading.

2. Audio Bibles. If time seems to always get you behind, consider audio Bibles on the road to work and back. This may not be the best way to take in the Bible EVERY day, but it can help you in a pinch.

3. PRAY. Pray before you read. Pray that God will open your eyes and heart and illuminate you to His truth as you read. Pray when you are done, thanking God for His Word that will transform your heart by the power of His Spirit.

3. Pick a TIME. Try to read at the same time each day… think of it as a 4th meal.


For those of use reading thru Galatians every day this month, here are a couple of questions on the first passage to consider. Galatians 1:1-10.

1. How do these verses show that substitution is the key to life in Christ? (ie. the substitution of Jesus for us on the cross) (verse 4)

2. What other “gospels” do we often substitute for the truth of the real Gospel? What is the danger?



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