Sabbatical Week 1 Recap


We are back in Virginia after a GREAT week of relaxation on the Disney Wonder. We ate some great food (way too much), enjoyed the pools (Chesed loved the hot tub and I got to teach Charisa to swim on the cruise ship), loved the Disney live shows each night, loved getting to see some of Jo Anny’s family in Nassau (she has cousins, aunts and uncles everywhere), and LOVED seeing Nick, Ann, Riley and Reed (Thank you for your hospitality).

This was an important week for our family to reconnect. While we were gone we got a chance to remember my Dad on the anniversary of his death and to celebrate the life we have together in Christ.

What I learned this week:

1. My girls are awesome little people. (I knew this, but needed to be reminded)

2. My wife is AMAZING and I don’t want to underestimate how great she is.

3. I want to be a Dad that will not leave my kids with regrets when I am gone. That’s MY job. To pour everything of myself into them.


Now back in Powhatan, time for reading and writing. Please pray for a fruitful time.


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