Pastor Brad’s Web Wanderings: January 21, 2014

6a00d8341ca51553ef017d3c7b250c970c-450wiSome helpful, and sometimes funny things found around the web… Enjoy.


Do Your Kids Know the Gospel (Ed Stetzer): This article shows one of the reasons we use the Gospel Project materials in our Praise Factory every Sunday.

God of the Womb (Gospel Coalition)

The Biggest Contradiction in the Bible (HeadHeartHand)

Tweetable Quotes

@HonestToddler A flashlight? When the monster comes am I supposed to make shadow puppets? This way I can be dinner AND entertainment.

‏@IMB_SBC After a difficult battle with ALS, Mary Harper took her first breath of celestial air yesterday. Original story:  #IMB  (PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE)

A Twitter conversation

‏@stephenaltrogge Dear fiction authors: real people don’t usually gasp, skid to a stop, recoil in terror, or have eyes that burn with fury. 

‏@jaredcwilson I’ve actually done all four of those at once, but I think it was the Taco Bell

‏@stephenaltrogge When I eat Taco Bell something else burns with fury.


Check out the online resource store on our church website for recommended resources for many areas of your walk in Christ. 

And this is adorable… saw it months ago… but still cute.



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