Easy Read: Servanthood as Worship

Best-Codependency-BooksCruciform Press has put out many “little” books over the past several years. These books have routinely been an encouragement to me and have challenged me. (Note: You can even subscribe to Cruciform Press and get a book a month delivered to your home or delivered over the internet.)


Palmer, Nate. Servanthood as Worship: The Privilege of Life in a Local Church. Cruciform Press: Adelphi, MD. 2010

“Serving in the church is not just the privilege of the few. It is the call of every Christian’s life… While roles may be formal or informal, creative or mundane, physical or intellectual,the goal is the same; to glorify God and magnify the Gospel to the benefit of others.”


  • Servanthood: The Ministry of All Believers
  • Lineage: Service Began with God in Christ
  • Context: The Local Church is Our Base for Service
  • Glory: God’s Character and Works
  • Appreciation: I Can Serve Because I Appreciate Who God Is, Who I Am, and What He Has Done for Me
  • Adoration: I Can Serve as I Desire and Enjoy God’s Active Presence
  • Affection: I Can Serve Motivated by Love for the Saved and Unsaved
  • Subjection: I Can Serve Because I Do No Belong to Myself
  • Perspective: Building the Church Eternal

Nate Palmer lays out a compelling case for Servanthood being at the very heart of what it is to be a member of the Body of Christ. With an eternal perspective, the reader is led to see that our ability to serve is not found in attempting to earn the favor and grace of God, but is grounded in the servanthood of Christ Himself.

My favorite chapter in this book is Chapter 8: Subjection. The tagline: I Can Serve Because I Do Not Belong to Myself. The three central ideas of this chapter are starting points to seeing God’s agenda eclipse our own. Borrowing from Thomas Watson (Puritan, not golfer), Palmer give us these characteristics…

  • Self-Controlled: A servant confines himself to one master
  • Available: A servant is not independent, but at the disposal of his master
  • Satisfied: A servant is satisfied with his master’s allowance

Christ humbled Himself as a servant… are we going to be content to be servants as well?

This book is available in the Book Nook at the church or for purchase/ download here.


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