Easy Read: The Everyday Gospel


Don’t fall into the trap of making the Gospel simply something to HEAR on Sunday morning, or something to SHARE when you are on a mission trip, or something to BELIEVE to be saved. All of these things are essential and true, but the Gospel should be taking root in our everyday lives, even transforming the seemingly menial tasks of life.

Chester, Tim. The Everyday Gospel: A Theology of Washing the Dishes, 10 Publishing: Leyland, England, 2013.

Chester’s little book will challenge the way all of us look at the mundane things of life as we apply the lens of the Gospel and the transformation that happens as we trust Christ each day and are made into His image by the Holy Spirit. Just a few pages, but packed with a punch of Gospel power, this book is for those who like to wash dishes and for those who don’t… like me. You will be challenged in your self-righteousness and in your unrighteousness to rest and revel in the truth of the finished work of Christ for us.


  • The Unhappy Legalist
  • Washing the Dishes is a God-like Activity #1: Ordering Chaos
  • Washing the Dishes is a God-like Activity #2: Serving Others
  • When Washing the Dishes Goes Bad
  • When You Should Not Wash Up
  • Everyday Life as Divine Revelation
  • Your Kitchen Sink Can Be a Holy Place
  • Everyday Mission


“Under the Old Covenant, holiness was tied to special times and special places. The temple was holy. Its pots were holy. To enter you had to be ritually clean. But now every pot in Judah is holy. Every pot in your kitchen is holy. Anywhere and anytime can be holy. Your kitchen sing can be a holy place if you offer up your washing of the dishes to God as a sacrifice of praise, sharing His delight in creation and serving others in love.”

“There is no special technique for going to God, just a heart determined to apply itself to nothing but God.”

Copies will be available in the Book Nook.



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