Weekend Web Wanderings: February 21, 2014



Pray for Peace in the Ukraine (CNN)

Speak Up for Those Who Have No Voice: Human Trafficking (IMB)

11 Simple Ways to Disciple Your Kids on Mission (Seth McBee) “I learned early on, from my brothers at Soma Communities, that I only have one life, and mission has to be part of my everyday life, not some other life that I need to live.”

Is Your Church a Recovery Culture? (Dave Dunham): “We can communicate that real sins come from a certain list or fit a certain type. They include things like homosexual activity, abortion, and drug abuse. With these as our default examples, people will begin to distinguish between themselves and those “really bad” people.”

TWEETABLE QUOTES: A Tim Keller Kind of Day


For you to be ready to worship and hear Scripture preached this Lord’s Day, here are a few resources to help.

Preparing your hearts to sing and worship…


Have Faith In God & Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


A New Song for Us: Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise) by Hillsong

And one of our favorites: Sin Is Powerless by Ross King

SERMON SCRIPTURE REFERENCES: El Roi (The God Who Sees) Read Psalm 139:1-12, Genesis 16:1-13, and Psalm 33:13-22. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give you ears to hear this Lord’s Day.


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