Weekend Web Wanderings: February 28, 2014

6a00d8341ca51553ef017d3c7b250c970c-450wiAnother month comes to an end… join us Sunday as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper as we worship together. Until then, here are a few things for you to peruse.


3 Ways to Think About God and Pain (John Starke) “When the questions come, it’s clear that not everyone goes through pain the same way. There’s not one good answer for questions about God and suffering. People are complex, and so are God’s ways. Our answers should reflect that reality.”

A Prayer for Gospel Renewal in Our Churches (Scotty Smith) “For until the Day Jesus returns, the church is your chosen means for revealing your glory, extending your grace, and advancing your kingdom. No wonder she is constantly being assailed by the world, assaulted by darkness, and attacked from within.”

For Moms Who are Inside for the Winter (Alasdair Groves) “Call it cabin fever, seasonal affective disorder or just feeling cooped up, caring for young children during the winter is no joke when the walls feel like they are closing in around you.”



Come prepared to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth Together:

Preparing to Worship (Stuart Townend)

20 Helps to Sermon Listening (David Murray)

Sermon Scripture References: Who Is This King of Glory? El Kanah: The Jealous God:  Exodus 34:14; Isaiah 42:8

Hymns we will be singing: Majesty, The Old Rugged Cross

In Christ Alone



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