Easy Read: Tough Questions About the Bible


Amazon Blurb:

Have you ever asked “Why did God allow Adam and Eve to sin? Why did he create mosquitoes? What is God’s plan for me?” Sometimes we have really tough questions. We wonder if there is anyone who can give us an answer. Some questions are about life, some are about death – some of them are even about God. How can we get answers to questions about God and the Bible? Well – one way is to read the Bible – the Word of God. Joel Beeke helps us by taking our questions about life, death, sin, salvation and many other topics we can find confusing and teaching us what God says in his Word. Sometimes we have tough questions, sometimes we don’t get the answers we want or expect, but the Word of God is faithful and we can trust that what we need to know, God will reveal to us.Children from a variety of backgrounds have come up with the questions in this book and Joel Beeke has done his best to answer these in the light of God’s Word. These are real questions from real children in real life situations – and a real pastor with a genuine concern for their souls takes them to the one true God and the real gospel.

Beeke, Joel R. Tough Questions About the Bible. Christian Focus, 2013. 128 pages Amazon: $8.09 paperback


Section 1: Tough Questions about the Bible (How do you know God is real? How did we get the Bible? Does the Bible contain a secret code?… and more)

Section 2: Tough Questions about Sin and Sadness (Mosquitoes, Is Lot’s wife still there?… and more)

Section 3: Tough Questions about God (God’s voice, What does it mean to fear the Lord? Why did God create the devil?… and more)

Section 4: Tough Questions about Christ (What does “Christ” mean? Why did Jesus have to suffer so much? Did Jesus have a wife?… and more)

Section 5: Tough Questions about Salvation (The Christian and sin… and more)

Section 6: Tough Questions about Doing What’s Right (Playing the Lottery, What does turning the other cheek mean?… and more)

Section 7: Tough Questions about Prayer and Worship (How do you pray? What does “communion” mean?… and more)

Section 8: Tough Questions about Other Religions (Are there other ways to God? Should a Christian go out on a date with a non-Christian?… and more)

Section 9: Tough Questions about Hope and Eternity (I’m scared to die. What is hell like?… and more)

This is a really helpful little book with answers to questions of only 1-2 pages. This will be a great help to older kids and to parents alike.


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