Easy Read: Captivated: Beholding the Mystery of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Best-Codependency-BooksAnyabwile, Thabiti. Captivated: Beholding the Mystery of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. Reformation Heritage Books, 2014. 100 pages.  Amazon Kindle: $5.99  Paperback: $7.20. Also available in the Church Book Nook.

“Why do you seek the living among the dead?” moves us from the death of the cross to the life of the resurrection. That redirection enables us to live lives of radical sacrifice, love, and hope.”

Get a copy of this book. We have several at the church. I am always interested in how much time and effort we put into Christmas, but how Easter often comes and goes with just a moment of reflection and fanfare. For many, the cross and resurrection are no longer at the center of our existence and identity. This easy read brings us back to a captivating vision of the glorious cross and empty tomb… but most importantly the glorious Savior.

Amazon blurb:

The Bible implores us to take a long look at Jesus, forcefully beckoning us to come and see through profound questions connected with Jesus death and resurrection. These questions drive us to consider not just the events themselves but also their meaning as we take a long look beneath the surface and find more of the never-ending treasures of Christ. In Captivated, Thabiti Anyabwile invites you to set aside your early lessons on politeness and stare (yes, do stare) into the mystery of the cross and empty tomb.

1. Is There No Other Way? (Matthew 26:42)
2. Why Have You Forsaken Me? (Matthew 27:45-46)
3. Where, O Death, Is Your Victory? (1 Corinthians 15:55)
4. Why Do You Look for the Living among the Dead? (Luke 24:5)
5. Do You Know These Things? (Luke 24:17)


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