Easy Read: In Light of Eternity

Best-Codependency-BooksRandy Alcorn. In Light of Eternity: Perspectives on Heaven. Waterbrook Press, 1999.

Randy Alcorn has written a more comprehensive book on the subject of heaven and I can’t stress enough the greatness of that book (Heaven by Randy Alcorn). But for accessibility, this easy read is helpful for everyone.



The deepest longing of your heart is for one person and one place.  Jesus is that person.  Heaven is that place. A thousand counterfeits vie for your attention, trying to convince you that they are what you’re looking for.  But you’ll never find true satisfaction with what the Shadowlands of this world have to offer.  What you really crave can only be found in the land of substance:  heaven. In Light of Eternity will grip your soul and open your eyes to the realities of heaven.  Far from boring, heaven promises to be an exhilarating adventure in which every chapter is better than the one before. One moment after you die, you’ll find out what’s on the other side.  Don’t wait until then.  Let this book guide you into discovering how wonderful your eternal future will be–and what you can do now to prepare for it. The real adventure of life awaits you on the other side, with the person you were made for–and the place He’s made for you.Learn how to live with your TRUE HOME ALWAYS IN SIGHT.

We will begin a series of sermons on the subject of Heaven on May 18 at Old Powhatan Baptist Church. With best-selling books about “visits” to heaven and a movie that proposes the same thing, it is important for believers to know what Scripture ACTUALLY says about Heaven.

Here is an article Randy Alcorn recently wrote on the subject. 

And here is Pastor David Platt with a helpful look at why it is important to test every claim against Scripture.


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