The Ascension: Yes it matters…

Today is Ascension Day… the day to remember and celebrate that Jesus has ascended to the Father. Here are a few resources highlighting the importance of the ascension.

More than an Afterthought: Six Reasons Jesus’ Ascension Matters (Brian Tabb) This is a helpful article from 2013. “…for many evangelical Christians and churches, Jesus’s ascension is simply an afterthought to Easter and Good Friday.”

Where is Jesus? (Jonathan Parnell) “I wonder if we (myself at least), because of the Spirit, assume Jesus is around in the wrong ways.”

He is Ascended. So What? (Chuck Colson) “So what is the purpose of Jesus’ exaltation to God’s right hand? And how does it relate to the gospel?”



Here is an intro to a great book on the Ascension

The Ascension: Humanity in the Presence of God Tim Chester & Jonny Woodrow




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