Wednesday Web Wanderings: Halloween and Reformation Day Edition


Here’s a rundown on some of the best info on the web concerning all things Halloween and Reformation Day…

Check back on Friday for links to any new stuff.



FREE GUIDE: How to Be Missional This Halloween (Verge Network): This has a bunch of resources like 3 Tips for Discipling Your Kids on Halloween, Halloween: Trick, Treat, or Missional?, and more…

What 200 Calories of Your Favorite Halloween Candy Looks Like (Huffington Post)

9 Things You Should Know About Halloween and Reformation Day by Joe Carter (Gospel Coalition): “7. There has never been a single case of any child being killed by a stranger’s Halloween candy.”

What Christians Should Know About Halloween by Justin Holcomb (Gospel Coalition): “For those still bothered by Halloween’s historical association with evil spirits, Martin Luther has some advice on how to respond to the Devil: “The best way to drive out the Devil, if he will not yield to texts of Scripture, is to jeer and flout him, for he cannot bear scorn.” Perhaps instead of fleeing the darkness in fear, we should view Halloween as an opportunity to mock the enemy whose power over us has been broken.”

Hymn Stories: A Mighty Fortress is Our God by Tim Challies ( “Based on Psalm 46, the hymn is a celebration of the sovereign power of God over all earthly and spiritual forces, and of the sure hope we have in him because of Christ.”

When Halloween Demands a Gospel Explanation (Desiring God). Read the article here.

Sent Into the Harvest: Halloween on Mission by David Mathis (Desiring God): “What if we didn’t think of ourselves as “in the world, but not of it,” but rather, as Jesus says in John 17, “not of the world, but sent into it”?”

When Jesus Haunts Your Halloween by David Mathis (Desiring God): “Halloween is almost here. And so is their final defeat. Jesus haunts their Halloween.”

FREE ebook: Martin Luther: Lessons from His Life and Labor by John Piper (Desiring God)

Luther’s 95 Theses

Why we don’t do Fall Festivals anymore (dripping sarcasm).

and why we will be set up at Jeff and Carols House




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