Another Week of Thankfulness…


More thankfulness from a full week…

18. Thankful for the unity of the Spirit at Old Powhatan Baptist Church… even Business Meetings are a joy.

19. Thankful for those who volunteer with our students… especially Rob and Amy Coward.

20. Thankful for good music… and for musicians who are great people.

21. Thankful for the Gospel… and how life in Christ makes life more than just for the moment.

22. Thankful for the community of faith at OPBC and the hard work and community outreach that occurs by God’s grace… from blowing leaves, to filling up the baptismal pool, to cooking turkeys and stuffing, to visiting folks at the nursing home, to serving by teaching/ learning CPR.

23. Thankful for the ability to celebrate… eternal realities. Baptism, new life, partnership for the Gospel.

24. The generosity of the people of OPBC… 302 boxes taking the Gospel to the nations!


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