2015: A Year of Praying for our Families

prayerIn our Growth Group last night, we talked about intentional living in 2015. To intentionally live out the Good News of Jesus every day, in every relationship, making the Gospel obvious and known. This starts in our families. We struggle with this just as much as anyone… to be consistent in family worship, to pray for one another and with one another, to turn every day conversations and circumstances toward the Gospel.


As the new year begins, here are a few resources on praying for one another as a family. Use them and watch God work in 2015.

Books (e-books)

Andrew Case has written several unique books that help us in our prayer lives. They 99 cents on Kindle and free if you download the pdf.

Setting Their Hope in GOD: Biblical Intercession for Your Children (Kindle) (pdf)

Prayers of an Excellent Wife (Kindle) (pdf)

Water of the Word: Intercessions for Her (Kindle) 

Prayer Guides for Family

10 Things to Pray For Your Wife (Desiring God) Article / pdf

31 Ways to Pray for Your Husband  Article / pdf calendar

31 Days of Prayer for Your Child (Lifeway) pdf


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