Weekend Web Wanderings: Sanctity of Human Life Part 2


Consider making this picture your Facebook Cover photo for the weekend. Right click and “save as” then upload to your Facebook profile.


God’s Authority and the Sanctity of Human Life (David Burnette): From Counter Culture by David Platt “In light of these biblical realities, it becomes abundantly clear that abortion is an affront to God’s sole and sovereign authority as the Giver and Taker of life.”


If you didn’t watch this before… YOU NEED TO SEE IT. Gospel, Hope, Light.





“the world does not need highly developed pro-life theoreticians. It needs [Gospel heralds], people sensing the call of God on their lives and effectively appealing to the conscience of their generation. And it needs [those who will love their neighbors as themselves], ready to act on their convictions in practical lifesaving ways”





“Everyone has the right to do his own thing. This slogan is as crass as it is silly. If it were followed by everyone resolutely, society itself would be an impossibility. No one would have any true rights protected, because it at any given moment my rights could trample your rights”





“We must show the men and women indoctrinated to to believe abortion is the best choice, that, while the alternatives are challenging, only abortion kills an innocent person. Precisely because it does so, it has by far the most negative consequences in a woman’s life.”



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