Three Years Ago We Buried My Mom…

I don’t know that I have new words to write, or to speak, on a day like this. This week has been a bit brutal emotionally. Maybe the snow and the ice has given me a little too much time to think. But today, I find myself revisiting things I have written in the past about my mom… watching videos… remembering. My hope: that the tears would produce more tenderness in me as a pastor. Pray for me in that way.

Here are blog posts from a couple of years ago that give you more insight into my mom, Joye Russell.

My Mom Taught Me (Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Here is her obituary.

Mom and Dad’s Hospital date in the ICU
Maybe her most natural smile ever

One thought on “Three Years Ago We Buried My Mom…

  1. Thanks for sharing, Pastor Brad…..and thanks for being a pastor who wants to grow in tenderness. I will pray this for you.

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