The Day After Easter: A Pastor’s Reflection on a Weekend of Celebration


After an action-packed Easter weekend, I just want to take a couple of minutes to reflect on the grace God has shown us even this weekend as a family and as a family of faith at OPBC. Here are a few reflections on the weekend that was…

1. Good Friday Service. This is one of my favorite nights of the year. While personally a difficult night as I remember that (although the date of Good Friday is different each year) my father died on Good Friday 3 years ago, our Good Friday service is always a huge blessing to me. I am so appreciative of how my brother and sister-in-law, Ryan and Christie, are willing to serve us by leading in music. I am always awed at the singing of God’s people as we reflect on the cross of our Savior. And I am always moved by the reality that our only boast is that glorious cross.

2. Community Easter Celebration. Three things stand out. First, our kids from Good News Club are such a blessing to me. They make me laugh, they bring me joy, and I rejoice in their passion to sing and proclaim the power, authority, and restoring work of Jesus. I love to hear them sing.

Second, I am thankful for our volunteers. Kenneth, Brenda, the kitchen committee, Gary and Mark cooking, our student ministry stuffing and hiding eggs… there are too many people to thank. The culture of service at OPBC is one of the greatest blessings in my life… and I was reminded of that truth again this weekend.

Third, I am thankful for my wife. Her hard work, her smile, her love for our children and the children of our church and community drives others to care and to desire to see them love and grow in the Gospel. I am awed constantly by her passion to see the next generation KNOW Christ.

3. Easter Sunday. Sunrise service was COLD. But a huge blessing to worship with my church family and our “blood relatives” from Evergreen Community Church and Red Lane Baptist. I am thankful for Roger and Len for helping lead. I am thankful for their partnership in the Gospel. And Mark and Sharon for using their frozen fingers to help lead music for us. What a joy to celebrate with Harry and Cameron as they displayed their new life in Christ through baptism. Nothing better!

Our times of worship were sweet as we reflected on the words of Jesus to His disciples as he appeared to them in His resurrected body. “Peace be with you.” What a promise, what a gift.

In all, the greatest privilege outside of being a husband and father is being the Pastor of Old Powhatan Baptist Church. And, as we grow in our knowledge of Jesus, our trust in Jesus, our walking in the Spirit, and our prayerful dependence upon Him, I look forward to living out the resurrection power He promises us as His people. The best is yet to come!

Oh… and one more thing. Don’t forget that He is still risen on Monday as well!


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