Christmas Music: What’s Playing on Pastor Brad’s IPod

I love good Christmas music. Songs with stories of Advent, Expectation, and the glories of the birth of Christ evoke great emotion and bring to mind great memories. This Advent and Christmas season, here are some of my favorites that are on shuffle and repeat on my IPod.

Behold-the-Lamb-of-GodBehold the Lamb of God (Andrew Peterson & Friends)— This is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE. With beautiful musicianship and stirring lyrics, Peterson does a masterful job of painting the narrative of expectation and promise-keeping in the birth of Jesus. Sadly, this is the first year in many that I will miss seeing this show live. But, I will be back next year. Highlight: The whole thing.




Joy: An Irish Christmas (Keith and Kristyn Getty)— It doesn’t get much better than tradition songs with an Irish twist at Christmas. Plus a couple of fantastic original songs. Highlight: Joy Has Dawned.




                                                                                           The Christmas Stories (Ross King) — It is a pleasure to count this guy as a friend, but I was a fan before being a friend. Great arrangements of a couple of traditional songs with fantastic originals. One of my girls’ favorite songs is Bethlehem. My highlights: Macy’s Parade and Gabriel’s Song.




Prepare Him Room: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus in Song (Sovereign Grace Music)— Just plain good. Good music, good theology, good lyrics, good singing. A solid album with very few weaknesses. My highlight: He Who is Mighty.





On the Incarnation (Daniel Renstrom)— There is not a single weak point on the album. It has been a favorite since it first came out. Highlights: Comfort Ye and Rise and Fall.





The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole)— I probably listen to this album more than the others. You just don’t get much better of a voice than Nat King Cole. And talk about the memories these songs bring to mind! A CLASSIC!




Christmas (Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn)— Moving, funny, beautiful, encouraging, challenging. Two great people putting out a fantastic album. Highlights: You Came Down, I Will Find a Way, and the hilarious rewrite of Baby It’s Cold Outside.


Then there is this rewrite/ remake of a classic, now made into a Christmas song… by my buddies from Cloverton. Haunting, beautiful, hopeful.


Some Individual Songs and Honorable Mention Albums that I enjoy…



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