52 Sundays: Praying for Missions: January 17, 2016

jnau 17Daniel Choi, a student at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, has a unique story. He’s a second-generation Korean who grew up in Sydney, Australia. When Daniel was about to start college, his family moved to South Korea when his father accepted a pastorate. His experiences growing up in Sydney have forever shaped his life because so few ministers understand the needs of secondgeneration Koreans. This is why Daniel chose to go into ministry — because God placed on his heart a desire to reach second-generation Koreans. It looks like many second-generation Koreans have given up on church. But God brought Daniel to Southern California where there is a large number of Korean churches. It’s because of your support through the Cooperative Program that people like Daniel are able to pursue God’s calling for their life. Let’s pray for Daniel as he continues to impact those around him for Christ


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