Weekly Web Wanderings: Independence Day Version

A personal prayer list for American Christians…

  1. That we would not so desire American to be great again that we don’t put the greatness of God on display in our hearts, lives, and witness.
  2. That we would be so grieved by our own sin, and not just the sins of others, that repentance and spiritual awakening in our own lives and churches would be a priority.
  3. That our citizenship in heaven will always override our citizenship on earth. Being good citizens of heaven will always make good citizens of earth… not vice versa.
  4. That today we would grieve just as much with those of Turkey, Bangladesh, and Iraq as we do those of Paris and Brussels.
  5. That we would PRAY for our leaders… and not disrespect or dishonor them. This is a COMMAND from God in His Word.
  6. That our hope would not be in a great nation, but in a King and His Kingdom.


A Prayer for Celebrating our Freedom(s) in Christ – S. Smith

9 Things You Should Know About Independence Day and the Declaration of Independence (J. Carter)

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (K. DeYoung)


4th of July (Ben Shive): Beautiful and Challenging


Take the time to listen to Michael Howard, Jr.’s sermon at Seaford Baptist from yesterday.

God and Country Crucified (Russell Moore)



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