The Holy Spirit: Further Reading and Study

Today we explored life in the Spirit and the person and role of the Holy Spirit in the life of and as the life of the believer. Here are a few articles/ sermons/ books that will help you continue to explore Who the Holy Spirit is and how you can experience the life He gives.


Christian, Know Whose You Are: You Have the Spirit of Christ (John Piper)

I Believe in the Holy Spirit (Matt Chandler)

Rushing Wind: Understanding the Holy Spirit Sermon Series (Summit Church)


Theological Primer: The Holy Spirit (Kevin DeYoung)

Quotes on the Holy Spirit (Trevin Wax)

BOOKS (Some of Pastor Brad’s Favorites)

Jesus Continued (JD Greear) **$1.99 on Kindle right now

Who On Earth is the Holy Spirit? (Tim Chester)

Forgotten God (Francis Chan)

Engaging with the Holy Spirit (Graham Cole)

Making Sense of Christ and the Spirit (Wayne Grudem)

Practicing the Power (Sam Storms)


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