Weekend Web Wanderings: Prepping for 2018: Looking Backward and Forward

Here’s a look at some things to remember from 2017 and some things to consider for 2018 from around the web… Take some time to reflect and prepare.

Fear Not: Closing 2017 With Hope (Desiring God)

God is calling all of you to not be afraid. Fear not, because God is with you. Fear not, because God is your God. Fear not, because God will strengthen you. Fear not, because God will help you. Fear not, because God will support you and hold you up by his victorious right hand. Read More…

On New Year’s Eve 2017 – Scotty Smith (The Gospel Coalition)

Heavenly Father, it’s the last day of 2017, and our hearts are filled with many thoughts, multiple emotions, and real hope. What a complex, consternation-filled year it’s been, globally and personally. As in every previous year, there were big disappointments and wonderful providences. Both stir our longings for life ahead of us, in the new heaven and new earth. Read More…

5 Things for Pray for in 2018 – Rachel Jones (The Good Book Blog)

Disaster Relief, Record AAEO Top NAMB Stories in 2017 (Baptist Press)

The North American Mission Board (NAMB) coordinated multi-state responses to three major hurricanes. Southern Baptist volunteers prepared more than 3 million meals, served over 90,000 days and witnessed more than 700 people profess faith in Christ in ministering to hurricane survivors. Read More…

17 International Stories That Mattered to Missions in 2017 – Rachel Cohen (IMB)

Whether we wait in hopeful expectation for 2018 or wonder if it could be any worse than the year we just had, we trust God’s sovereignty in our circumstances. We as Christians can claim hope and joy because we know “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love him” (Rom. 8:28). We can view any news headline through the lens of the gospel and understand God wants to use everything to make his name known. To that end, we’ve rounded up our 2017 list of stories around the world that matter to missions. They may not all have an overt missions connection, but we are confident that God is presiding over each circumstance and inviting us to consider our place in the Christian calling among these peoples and places. Read More…

ICYMI- 12 of the Our Most Read Articles in 2017 – (IMB)

Keep Technology in Its Proper Place in 2018 – Andy Crouch (The Gospel Coalition)

The pace of technological change has surpassed anyone’s capacity to develop enough wisdom to handle it. We’re stuffing our lives with technology’s new promises, with no clear sense of whether technology will help us keep the promises we’ve already made. Read More…

9 Things You Should Know About Events and Discoveries in 2017 – Joe Carter (The Gospel Coalition)

We live in an era of 24-hour news in which we’re constantly bombarded by information from websites, social media, and television. Yet despite this deluge, there are still many fascinating news items that you are likely to have missed. Here are nine such events and discoveries from 2017 that you may not have heard about. Read More…

Here’s a Series from The Good Book Company Blog with some links to great resources to help us look forward wisely into 2018…

What 2018 Holds for Us: The Upside – Joe Henegan

We can start 2018 with confidence that our faith is tried, tested and solid, and get on with the job of giving, growing and glorifying God as we share the Gospel with our hurting, needy world. Read More…

What 2018 Holds for Us: The Downside – Joe Henegan

Evangelism will inevitably feel more dangerous. As we attempt to reach a society that finds itself in a landscape of mob culture and increasing political polarity in the West the stakes will be that little bit higher when we open our mouths. There will be more interventions of street preaching, more scandals involving private business owners and more pressure on the church to conform. People in general will think we are weirder and more out of touch with the culture. Read More…

What 2018 Holds for Us: The Challenges – Joe Henegan

“I want to give you a posture that allows you to look round and think, ‘This is a great time to be a Christian’…I’m convinced that if we have a God-sized, God-given courage, then we will be freed up to be the people of God, living out the mission of God, marked by the joy of God. With courage, this season of history can be viewed not with fear and trepidation, but instead with hope and a sense of opportunity.” Read More…



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