Weekend Web Wanderings: Mother’s Day Edition

Check out some great articles, videos and a FREE E-book for Mother’s Day.

The History and Tension of Mother’s Day (Ryan Reeves)

 Brunches and carnations are great, but it seems the biblical pattern of honoring our parents is not to allow one holiday to stand in for the thanks we should give our mothers on a regular basis. Mothers should be thanked, but they should be thanked most by their own children.

Jesus Canceled Your Mommy Guilt Trip (Gloria Furman)

No amount of mommy guilt can crush you if Christ was crushed on the cross in your stead. The atonement he achieved is enough to bear away our guilt and shame. The strength of his grace is enough to help us disciple our children like a goodsoldier/athlete/farmer-Mom (2 Tim. 2:1ff). And the promise of his presence is enough to sustain us through every morning routine, afterschool activity, midnight mothering, and every other season.

Motherhood: A Call to Arms (Rachel Jankovic)

Your work with your children matters. Your pouring out of your life for theirs matters. They matter. Because God made it so. He ordained strength to come into the world in this way. He seeks godly offspring. That growing belly, those hungry cries in the night, the comfort of your breasts, the arms wrapped around your leg, the child on your hip, the teen in the car with you, the smile around freshly lost teeth, the weight in the stroller you are pushing — this is your strength, this is your power, this is your hand doing its part in ruling the world.




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