31 Days of Prayer for the Nations

As we enter December, as a church we commit to pray and give for international missions. Today, we begin our annual 31 Days of Prayer for the Nations. Come back every day for a list of nations to pray for.

“Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.”  (Romans 10:1)

Today, we pray for:

South Africa (54.8 million people)- 19.3% say they are Christians

Lesotho (1.9 million people)- 11.7% say they are Christians

Swaziland (1.4 million people)- 23.8% say they are Christians

Madagascar (25.0 million people)- 5.6% say they are Christians

Reunion (800,000 people)- 5.2% say they are Christians

Mauritius (1.3 million people)- 7.7% say they are Christians

Union of the Comoros (800,000 people)- 0.2% say they are Christians

Mozambique (26.5 million people)- 10.7% say they are Christians

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