Weekly Web Wanderings: March 4, 2019

Honoring Singleness in the Church, Resources for Preparing Our Hearts for Easter, Discipling Kids, Bookshelves and more…

Honoring Singleness: Church, let us grow in our honoring of singleness. Here is a video and a resource to help us serve and honor our single brothers and sisters in our church family.

Girl, Follow Jesus: by Jen Oshman

Rachel Hollis is a best-selling “Christian” self-help author. BEWARE of the anti-gospel, anti-biblical call to “follow your heart and dreams” and “All that really matters is how bad you want those dreams and what you’re willing to do to make them happen.”

Discipling Kids is a Long Game of Small Interactions: by Ed Drew

There may be significant, penny-dropping moments when we grasp a truth more clearly, or experience something of God that was previously only “head knowledge.” But most of the time we grow in knowledge and love for Jesus gradually, through an accumulation of Bible reading, daily exercised faith and obedience, and listening to the wisdom of other Christians. We should expect the same for our children.

The Joy of Bookshelves: Marie Kondo and Your Library: by Tim Thornborough

Why do you keep books on your shelf? It’s a question that has been brought into sharp focus by the decluttering craze that is sweeping the world, led by the diminutive Japanese style guru Marie Kondo.

Discerning Idolatry in Desire: by John Piper

All human relational problems — from marriage, family, and friendships to neighbors, classmates, and colleagues — all of them are rooted in various forms of idolatry, that is, wanting things other than God in wrong ways. So here is my effort to think biblically about what those wrong ways are. What makes an enjoyment idolatrous? What turns a desire into covetousness, which is idolatry?


The Beauty of the Cross (Tim Chester)

The Wonder of Easter (Ed Drew)- Family Worship Resource

The Glory of the Cross (Tim Chester)

Passion (Mike Mckinley)

The Resurrection in Your Life (Mike Mckinley)



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