Weekend Web Wandering: St Patrick’s Day Special

5 Facts About St. Patrick (Joe Carter)

An aristocratic British teenager is kidnapped by pirates, sold into slavery, escapes and returns home, becomes a priest, returns to his land of captivity and face off against hordes of Druids. Here are five facts about the amazing life of St. Patrick…

The Mission of St. Patrick (David Mathis)

While the day has become a celebration of all things Irish, the original feast was about gospel advance. It was not about parades, but pioneering the church among an unreached people. It was not about lifting Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking, but bringing God’s amazing grace to a pagan nation.


Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God (w/ St Patrick’s Prayer)- The Gettys

Christ Be All Around Me-All Sons and Daughters

Christ Is Lord (Christ Before Me)- Rick Lee James


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