Web Wanderings: Back to School Edition


Back to School: A Biblical Perspective– John Piper

This business of education is God’s business. He gave us the minds that think. He created the world we think about. He wrote the book of nature. He made the rules of logic. He is the standard of true and false, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. To ignore him is to be profoundly uneducated.

Five Back to School Basics– Marshall Segal

So whether you’re going to walk, drive, or take the bus for the first day of classes, as you pack up, prepare your heart and mind for the work. By God’s merciful, student-loving grace, this year could be a breakthrough in your personal passion for him, your ministry to others on campus, and your readiness for a long life lived with and for Jesus.

Know Your Rights as a Christian in a Public School– Joe Carter

Editors’ note: The information contained in this document is general in nature and is not intended to provide, or be a substitute for, legal analysis, legal advice, or consultation with appropriate legal counsel. You should not act or rely on information contained in this document without seeking appropriate professional advice. Contact Alliance Defending Freedom with any questions by visiting www.ADFLegal.org or by calling 1-800-835-5233.

The Kind of Teacher Your Child Needs – Timoteo Sazo – An Interview w/ Jaleshea Cobbs

I know the students need and deserve great teachers, so one way I love and serve them is by striving to become a better teacher every day.

What Teachers Really Need for Back to School – Christopher Copeland


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