A Note from Pastor Brad

I have so much sadness and trouble in my heart. This season has been incredibly hard… watching suffering lead to division lead to WHATEVER THIS IS!
This week there will be no mid-week devotions on Tuesday and Thursday… I want to spend my time listening much more than speaking… Listening to the Lord speak through His Word and listening to my brothers in Christ who stand for truth and justice in a world of lies, brokenness and sin. I want to spend time praying for security for those who stand for what is right and transformation for those who would abuse justice and for those who would stir up violence and fear.
Thus far I have been convicted of and reminded that…
  1. Sin and brokenness may seem to rule this day on the earth, but the righteous justice of God against sin is coming… against every internal, personal, political and systemic sin.
  2. The Word of God is not a prop for personal or political gain. No, the Word of God is a sharp sword, a weapon that first pierces the heart before it ever does work on our society.
  3. The vision of God’s Kingdom… from David’s Psalms to Paul’s Epistles, to John’s Revelation… is of a people who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ the King… a people made up of all nations, every ethnicity… ALL as equal partakers of the eternal reward because of Jesus’ shed blood for sin.
  4. I should spend more time praying than I should spend watching other people tell me the “truth” about what they are spinning as news… especially those whose job it is to not first deliver the news… but to first sell ad space.
  5. The need is the same and the job has not changed… The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes… so we implore you… be reconciled to God.
Keep praying, Church… and stand on the hope of Scripture. The circumstances may change… but the truth does not. Pray for God to bring peace THROUGH truth… not just peace at all costs. And if the truth COSTS us something because it changes US… then whatever we lose isn’t worth holding on to.
I love you Church,
Pastor Brad

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