Weekend Web Wanderings: Reformation Day

October 31 commemorates the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses, challenges to unbiblical practices within the Catholic Church and particularly with papal leadership. The response sparked what is now known as the Protestant Reformation, a tradition in which we stand as a church. Here are some resources for today!


5 Myths About the Reformation (Gavin Ortlund)

This time of year many Protestants celebrate the Reformation. For some, however, it feels odd to “celebrate” an event that divided the church. Didn’t Jesus pray for the church’s unity? Others have no difficulty celebrating the Reformation, seeing it as the starting point of all that they value in church history. What is the best way Protestants today should look back on the Reformation? Should we think of it more like a happy birth or an ugly divorce?

He Dared to Defy the Pope (John Piper)

Luther grasped this powerful fact: God preserves the experience of salvation and holiness from generation to generation by means of a book of revelation, not a bishop in Rome.

The Real Genius of the Reformation (Reid Karr)

The Protestant Reformation is His work, and His alone. Through it, He acted to reestablish the power and authority of His Word. This is the genius of the Reformation.


Watch this Luther Documentary for FREE … (Ligonier Ministries)


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