A Better Than Anything Christmas: Day 2

This past Sunday, each OPBCKids family was given a copy of the December Devotional, A Better than Anything Christmas: Explore How Jesus Makes Christmas Better by Barbara Reaoch. There are a few left to be picked up this Sunday.

Each day until Christmas, I will post a Scripture Reading and a couple of questions from the book, as well as one of my favorite Advent/ Christmas songs to set our hearts toward Jesus this season.

DECEMBER 2, 2020

READ LUKE 1:34-38

How did the angel answer Mary and how did Mary answer the angel?


How did Jesus live His life to glorify God? How can we live our lives to glorify God?

God’s purpose for your life is that you would live in relationship with Him to glorify Him.

PRAY: Thank God for giving you life and a purpose. Ask Him to help you to trust and obey Jesus even when it is hard and it doesn’t make sense to other people.


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