A Better Than Anything Christmas: Day 16

Adapted from A Better than Anything Christmas: Explore How Jesus Makes Christmas Better by Barbara Reaoch.

Each day until Christmas, I will post a Scripture Reading and a couple of questions from the book, as well as one of my favorite Advent/ Christmas songs to set our hearts toward Jesus this season.

DECEMBER 16, 2020


Why did the Magi come to Jerusalem? How did King Herod feel about their news?


Santa gets a lot of attention at Christmas. But Jesus is SO MUCH GREATER THAN SANTA! He is the ONLY ONE worthy of all of our praise. He is the King of Kings! Even presidents and earthly kings have to honor Jesus one day. One day, the Bible says, that EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

PRAY: Thank Jesus for being the King we can always count on… the King Who keeps His promises. Ask Him to help you follow His will and purpose for your life!


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