This Sunday at OPBC: March 7, 2021

Join us IN PERSON at 8:30AM or 10:15AM! Get your Digital Bulletin HERE

Over the next few weeks leading up to Easter, we will be finishing out our series in Exodus as we see what we have learned about God, our responsibility and our response. Consider reading Exodus 33-40 over the next week or so… and join us as we grow together in God’s Word!

If for some good reason you aren’t able to join us in person… join us online at 10:15AM!

SONGS FOR WORSHIP: This week we will give our band the week off and enjoy singing some of our favorite old hymns! Come ready to sing loud and worship the Lord!

We will also be taking the Lord’s Supper this Sunday. This is a symbolic meal for believers in Jesus Christ. Consider preparing your heart for taking the Lord’s Supper with us by reading through this.


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