Upcoming Sermons: Before Leviticus

At OPBC we have made a commitment to preaching the whole counsel of God’s Word and have been working through Genesis and Exodus in the past few years with plans to continue into Leviticus. In between books of the Bible, we have done a few shorter “mini-series” on theological and practical realities that we all deal with in our daily lives. So, here is an update on the plan for the rest of the Spring and Summer, before we kick off YOU LOST ME AT LEVITICUS in September.

MICHAEL HOWARD, Pastor of Seaford Baptist Church, kicked off our newest mini-series, The Generosity Project, this past Sunday as we looked at Sacrificial Openhandedness from Luke 21. The Generosity Project series will lead us to reflect on God’s great generosity and call on all believers to reflect that generosity to one another, to the world around us, and to the Gospel cause. Join us on Sundays through April and May at 8:30AM and 10:15AM. Look for resources for your own study each week or for your family or small group.

Check out Sunday’s Sermon here…

Then, through the summer months we will be diving into BLUEPRINTS: GOD’S GOOD DESIGN FOR FAMILY AND CHURCH as we look at roles in the family and church for men, women, boys and girls… seeing how God’s Word and the Gospel define and establish the plan and purpose for our lives together in marriage, parenting, singleness, grandparenting and serving in the Church.


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