Web Wanderings: Thanksgiving 2022 Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some resources for your Thanksgiving family worship and celebration today!

1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


HITCHING OUR JOY-WAGON TO THE GOSPEL (SCOTTY SMITH) – Whether it’ll be an easy day, a challenging day, and probably some of both… it is the day you have made, and we are the children you so deeply love. 

THE IRONY OF THANKSGIVING (CHAMP THORNTON) – When we’re thankful for life and well-being, to whom are we directing our gratitude? Ourselves? Or God? When non-Christians give thanks for all God has made, it’s the essence of irony. They enjoy his gifts and express thanks but deny the Giver.

10 QUESTIONS TO ASK AT A THANKSGIVING GATHERING (DON WHITNEY) – At Thanksgiving many of us find ourselves with people we rarely see or hardly know. In these kinds of situations meaningful conversation is often difficult. Here are some questions designed not only to spark conversation, but dialogue relevant to the season.

DON’T SETTLE FOR A NICE, POLITE “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” (SCOTTY SMITH) – Shall we have a nice, polite “Happy Thanksgiving?” No way, Jesus, in light of all this Gospel-goodness, it should be filled with deep worship, unfiltered joy, and uber-gratitude.


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