Pastor Brad’s Web Wanderings: January 9, 2014

Interesting, helpful, and sometimes funny things I have found from my web wanderings… enjoy.6a00d8341ca51553ef017d3c7b250c970c-450wi


Safeguarding Your Child’s Smartphone or Tablet (Village Church): Some stats and some practical things we should all consider with technology in our homes, and especially technology in our kids’ hands.

Reading the Bible Like Jesus (part 1, part 2) (Thabiti Anyabwile): Two articles that help us in this new year with our Bible reading. This can be life-altering stuff.

8 Characteristics of Gospel Centered Sanctification (Gospel Centered Discipleship): “Much of my frustration in growing as a Christian is because sanctification isn’t exactly like my job. Yes, my effort does affect my growth but I can’t simply produce the desired outcome from my performance alone.”

Abba Father, Not Sugar Daddy (Scotty Ward Smith): A Prayer

Tweetable Quotes

@ScottyWardSmith Guilt gone, fully forgiven, declared righteous, citizenship in heaven, betrothed to Jesus, God as Father, Spirit sealed = peace
@ChrchCurmudgeon Velveeta is “processed cheese food”. Which answers the question, “What does cheese eat?”


Download the Entire ESV Bible on MP3 for FREE in January

A Simple Guide to Personal Worship (Brook Hills Church)

And I am still WOWED by this video… the Box that Saves Babies


One thought on “Pastor Brad’s Web Wanderings: January 9, 2014

  1. Will your staff/prayer ministry please pray that I will see self/Jesus rightly and turn to Jesus? Thank you.

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