Easy Read: Nobodies for Jesus

Best-Codependency-BooksThis will be a new weekly series on the blog. Everyone knows I have a bit of an addiction to books. Books are important to me… they are a source of encouragement, conviction, beauty and so much more. But I also realize that not everyone has the same desire to sit and read… especially a thick book that will take hours (or days) of your time. Thankfully, there are several little books that have been written that are extremely helpful and applicable to the believer’s life. This series will introduce the reader to these “little books” with the hope that you will join me in this journey of growing as a reader.


Lawless, Chuck. Nobodies for Jesus: 14 Days Toward a Great Commission Lifestyle. Rainer Publishing, 2013

Available on Kindle only… get the free Kindle Reader or App here.

Be Amazed, Be a Nobody, Do Something… 

Chuck Lawless wrote this little book because, as a professor of evangelism, he sees that evangelicals just aren’t doing much evangelism, 1.7 billion people still have little to no access to the Gospel. In his words… “something must change.”

Premise: “Lukewarm believers who fail to see people as lost will not be Great Commission believers. We will not be God’s force set apart to make a dent in the darkness of the world.”

14 days to be amazed again by the Master, deny self, and take up our crosses to follow Jesus. This book is an interactive, Bible Study approach to rediscovering our role as disciple and as disciple maker. Each day will encourage, enrich, and challenge the reader with the truth of the Gospel and the truth of the calling Christ has placed on each of our lives. Each day will lead the reader to ask difficult questions and to take action through “Great Commission Action Steps.”


Be Amazed:

  • Be Amazed at the Master’s Power
  • Be Amazed at the Master’s Uniqueness
  • Be Amazed at His Humility
  • Be Amazed at His Surprising Love
  • Be Amazed at His Forgiving Grace
  • Be Amazed that He Uses Us Anyway

Be a Nobody:

  • Let Go of Your Name
  • Get Over Your Achievements
  • Beware of Greatness
  • Be Honest About Your Sin
  • Be Willing to be Broken
  • Give Up Self for Non-Believers

Do Something:

  • Pray God’s Heart for the World
  • Tell Your Story

A Couple of Highlights:

Learning Humility from Jesus:

  1. Point away from self.
  2. Serve others
  3. Reject the world’s offers of recognition
  4. Be willing to die for others

“Think about your level of activity in your local church. Do you equate your religious “busyness” with genuine Great Commission influence? Ask God to keep your from making this mistake.”

Download and read this Easy Read.


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