Pastor Brad’s Web Wanderings: February 11, 2014


Livestrong Christianity (Tullian Tchividjian) “We like our Christianity to be muscular, triumphant. We’ve come to believe that the Christian life is a progression from weakness to strength… But is the progression from weakness to strength the pattern we see throughout the Bible?”

4 Ways to Avoid Health and Wealth Parenting (Mathew Sims: Gospel Centered Discipleship) “If we preach this kind of gospel to our children now, how will they respond when sin touches their life? How will they respond when they see death ravage a loved one? How will they respond when they are ridiculed by their peers?”

9 Things You Should Know About Marriage in America (Gospel Coalition)



Guys, For Valentine’s Day…

Justin Buzzard, Date Your Wife

READ THIS BOOK… and ladies, I encourage you to read it, too.

The Gospel in Under 1 Minute (Jackie Hill)


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