An Important Part of the Conversation: Frustrated Christian

Last week I got the chance to interview my buddy, Curtis (aka Voice, aka Curt Kennedy) about his track “Christian Racist” from his album “Frustrated Christian.” The album drops today and I want to encourage folks to download/ purchase the album (iTunes). You may not be a rap/ hip hop fan, but I am a big “fan/friend” of Curtis. Check out more of his story in this piece from Rapzilla.  Below he explains the heart behind the new album.

Why is this album important to the conversation, not just about race, but about the Christian walk? I think this album, and Curtis’ convictions, are important because they bring us to a point of dealing with real life as believers. We “know” theology. We “know” the truth. But the apostle Paul is constantly encouraging/ exhorting believers to BE who you KNOW you already ARE in Christ Jesus. Why does he constantly have to do this? Could it be because we spend too much time dealing with how things “should be” and not enough time dealing with how things ARE?

Frustration in the Christian walk is REAL. You have dealt with it… I have dealt with it… but can we be HONEST about it? Why? Because the sanctification that is promised by God is a process. Yes, we are made righteous in Christ. Yes, we are given Christ’s righteousness. But the realization of that righteousness applied to our everyday life is a process. And ALL of us are going to be frustrated by not being who we really are in Christ. The Gospel… the truth that we are ALL sinners… that by grace through faith alone in Christ alone can we be saved… that TRUTH should allow us all to throw aside pretense and the cloak of “strength,” to stop hiding behind quoting Bible verses and start applying faith in the magnificent Savior, in  the cleansing blood of Jesus and the power of the resurrection to our REAL struggles.

I appreciate Curtis for being honest enough to start the conversation with his own frustrations. Maybe this will open the door for many of us to start being honest that we all deal with being frustrated Christians.


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