Easy Read: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart


J.D. Greear was a buddy of mine back in my college days at Campbell University. It’s been fun to see how the Lord has grown Him and is using Him as Lead Pastor of Summit Church in Durham, NC.

Greear, J.D. Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How To Know for Sure You Are Saved, B&H Publishing: Nashville, 2013  (or $2.99 on Kindle)

Why was He withholding assurance from me? Why was He hiding? Had He predestined me not to be saved, and was that why I couldn’t find assurance? Or was he waiting on me to make some promise to Him– about going to the mission field or living poverty or something– before He’d let me find assurance? Was He punishing me for my sin? (p. 26)

Have you felt that way… questioning your salvation, your standing before God because you just cannot find assurance that is strong and lasting? This little book is a great reminder of what salvation really is and what our relationship with Jesus entails and affords us. At the center… our assurance must be based on HIS faithfulness and not our own… that is Good News.


Baptized Four Times

Does God Even Want Us to Have Assurance?

Jesus in My Place

What is Belief?

What Is Repentance?

If “Once Saved, Always Saved,” Why Does the Bible Seem to Warn Us So Often about Losing Our Salvation?

The Evidence You Have Believed

When You Continue to Doubt

Grab up a copy online or in the Book Nook at Old Powhatan Baptist Church this Sunday.


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