Pastor Brad’s Web Wanderings: February 13, 2014

6a00d8341ca51553ef017d3c7b250c970c-450wiSnow Day Version… enjoy your snow day. Here are a few things for your perusal if you are stuck inside today.


A Prayer for Feasting on the Steadfast Love of Jesus (Scotty Smith)

A Deeper Look at the Most Popular Worship Song of 2013 (Trevin Wax) “According to CCLI’s biannual list of 25 songsreported by churches across the country, “10,000 Reasons” is now the most-often sung contemporary worship song in America.”

The Ministry of Hudson Taylor as Life in Christ (John Piper Video) Personal note… Hudson Taylor is one of my personal heroes and when described was known as a man IN CHRIST. I sign all of my emails and letters this way… I want to be like this man.

5 Lies About Your Body (Jen Wilkin) “How we view our bodies will determine whether our plans to change them are God-honoring or self-elevating. Do we see our bodies the way our Maker does?”


My Favorite Tweet of the Week:


The Prayer of the Lord (RC Sproul) FREE

Love the Least A Lot (Michael Spielman) FREE

A to Z Guide to Finding It In the Bible $1.99

True Friendship: Walking Shoulder to Shoulder (Vaughan Roberts) $2.99… A Great Little Book!!!


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