Snow… a Gospel Reminder and Opportunity

Every time we get a good snow, I’m reminded of the Gospel. Why?

1. Scripture is full of the imagery of snow… Isaiah 1:18, Psalm 51:7, Matthew 28:3, 1 John 1:9Revelation 1:14The beauty of this imagery is that the holiness and righteousness of Jesus Christ is ours by His grace through faith. He ACTIVELY washes us in new life and forgiveness… but not just cleaning us up, but remaking us in His image… Snow= Holiness/ Purity.

2. Snow Disrupts Everything… and so does the Gospel. When the snow starts falling, especially in the South… everything is disrupted. Everyday life can’t continue as normal. This is the work that the Gospel does as well. When we truly come to believe this overwhelming Good News of Jesus and His death and resurrection in our place… FOR US… then everything is turned upside down. Everyday life won’t be the same… everything is disrupted… in the best possible way!

3. Snow Brings Opportunities to Serve… and the Gospel brings a Commission to Serve. Some of my favorite people are those who put themselves in harm’s way to serve us all, by clearing a street of snow and ice, working to restore power while snow and ice continue to fall, rescuing those stuck in their cars, or risking their lives to put out our fires. There are those who serve while we sit and stay warm during the snow. But don’t waste this snow! As the next couple of days pass, don’t miss opportunities to serve your community and neighbors by shoveling a driveway or sidewalk, taking groceries to a shut-in, checking on elderly neighbors. Then share the Good News of what this snow pictures for those who are in Christ Jesus. Share the Good News found in this snow.

4. Snow Comes With Warnings to Be Heeded… and many will not heed the warnings of the Gospel. In Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, and in Raleigh yesterday, traffic was at a standstill as people didn’t heed the warnings to leave work early, or to not go out at all. While some will argue that sometimes this can’t be helped… this picture shows HOW MANY people didn’t heed the warnings. (The red was STOPPED traffic) But the warnings of Jesus are much greater than just that your life will be inconvenienced. Without Jesus, the greatest of all dangers will come true… YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE! That is the great sobering truth of sin and the great grace found in Jesus. He took on Himself what we deserve, so that we get the beauty of His pure, holy life and love.

So, follower of Christ, don’t waste this snow day… Reflect on the great love and holiness of Christ, Rejoice in the rest that comes for those who are in Christ Jesus, and Revel in the opportunity to serve others with the love of Christ.


One thought on “Snow… a Gospel Reminder and Opportunity

  1. What you said about the snow and serving Jesus through everything makes it. All come together you made. A. Point I. Never. Thought about. It. That. Way thanks. Amen

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