Wednesday Web Wanderings: March 26, 2014


A Prayer About God’s Pleasure and Our Trust (Scotty Smith) “Instead of running to you for mercy and grace, I start running to do something to assuage my guilty conscience calm my disquieted heart, and fuel my still-inflatable pride.”

Enjoy the Gift of Having God’s Ear (David Mathis) “Prayer is the glad response from the Bride, in a happily submissive relationship with her Groom, to his sacrificial and life-giving initiatives.”

I Lost My Dad in a Plane Crash, Too (Grant Castleberry) “Then there are the deeper questions. Why did this happen to them? What if they’d taken an earlier or later flight? If only. The “what if” scenarios can play out in your mind forever.”




DigitalThe resurrection of Jesus Christ is a cornerstone of the Christian faith and the foundation of our hope in Christ. In anticipation of Holy Week and our Easter Sunday celebration, we wanted to share a free e-book sampler with you. This collection of popular Crossway titles explores the events surrounding Jesus’s death and resurrection and what it all means for every person living today.

This free download is available exclusively on and includes selections from:

  • The Final Days of Jesus – Andreas Köstenberger and Justin Taylor, with Alexander Stewart
  • 50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die – John Piper
  • The Finished Work of Christ – Francis A. Schaeffer
  • The Cross and Salvation – Bruce Demarest
  • Raised with Christ – Adrian Warnock

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