Toronto Reflections Part 1

IMG_0550After a nice, long drive up yesterday, Gary and I arrived at our hotel and settled in… had some pizza (with Canadian bacon of course) and got some rest for the day that was to come.

This morning, we met up with NAMB Church Planter, Scott Rourke, at his home and began a trek around the city of Toronto. Our goal this weekend is simple… to prayerfully consider a long-term partnership with a church planting team here in Toronto, specifically with Rendezvous Church and their growing team.

Scott’s vision is to reach Toronto with the Gospel by engaging in a Kingdom-minded approach to ministering to all types of people. Toronto is made up of many people groups, with over half of the population not native Canadians. This is evident just by driving down the street.

Scott took us to see possible future ministry sites from a couple of the plants that they are working on throughout the city. From soccer camps, to VBS style Bible clubs, to feeding ministries and a refugee house, the possibilities are endless.

Adam House Toronto

While meeting for a few moments with a local pastor, a ministry opportunity struck a chord with Gary. We had a chance to go and visit Adam House, a refugee reception center in Toronto, geared toward helping get refugees on their feet and sharing the Good News of Christ with them. They need some handyman and construction work done, so we went to check it out. Pray for Lucy as she directs the house and ministries and pray about what kind of relationship we can have with this ministry through Rendezvous Church.

Mark… Church Planter

We also had a great meeting with Mark, a Burundian Church Planter who is working in the Scarsborough area of Toronto among African and now Indian immigrants. He has several Bible Study groups meeting and is seeking ways to minister to families to reach them with the Gospel. We were encouraged to hear about his heart for the Gospel and the people he is meeting. Please pray for Mark as he is looking for a new job to allow for more time to minister. But the biggest request is for prayer that his family will be allowed refugee status and be able to come to Canada to be with him. They are separated from each other and are in South Africa right now. Please pray that the Lord would work miraculously to allow this family to reunite.

Oh… and we had a great Canadian Maple Donut, good Thai food for lunch… and now off to Korean BBQ for dinner… rough.


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