Wednesday Web Wanderings: April 2, 2014

6a00d8341ca51553ef017d3c7b250c970c-450wiARTICLES & RESOURCES

What is the Gift of Healing? Some Great Stuff from John Piper… continuing on and maybe clarifying the Work of the Spirit we talked about on Sunday… These gifts are for the Church and for His Glory.

A Prayer for Healing(s) (Scotty Smith) “But help me avoid two extremes: keep me free from faith formulas that treat healing like an on-demand right, and keep me free from a theology that has zero expectation of your kingdom breaking in with power and healing.”

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering OverviewGet updated on who Annie was and what the NAMB (North American Mission Board) is up to as you pray about giving.

Chile Earthquake Update (IMB)

Southern Baptists Respond to Landslide Victims



Here are a couple of videos from Scott Rourk to explain the work the Lord has called him to in Toronto…



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