Easy Read: Untamable God

Best-Codependency-BooksStephen Altrogge. Untamable God: Encountering the One Who Is Bigger, Better, and More Dangerous Than You Could Possibly Imagine. 2013. 111 pages. Amazon: $7.19 paperback  Kindle $2.99

Amazon Blurb:

Is it possible that your view of God is too small? Too safe? Too tame? Too comfortable? Is it possible that you have settled for a low, uninspiring, limited view of God? Is it possible that your passion for God suffers because your vision of God suffers?

In Untamable God, Stephen Altrogge brings us face to face with the magnificent, awe-inspiring, beautiful, terrifying, wonderful God of the Bible. In his personal, intimate, engaging, humorous style, Altrogge takes us on a journey through God’s word, bringing us into close contact with the God of sharp edges and brilliant light. Altrogge introduces afresh to the untamable God of the Bible.


  1. The God Who Makes Us Feel Warm and Fuzzy
  2. The God Who Can’t Be Tamed
  3. The God Who Speaks Sons and Supernovas
  4. The God Who Loves Whores
  5. The God Who Kills People
  6. The God Who Gives Himself Away
  7. The God Who Is Not Impressed
  8. The God Who Crushes Serpent Skulls

When I was in college, two books that I read changed the way I thought about God and therefore changed my entire life and view of the world around me. J.I. Packer’s Knowing God and R.C. Sproul’s The Holiness of God rocked my world. Altrogge’s little book serves the same purpose… to remind us of the absolute “otherness” of God… that He is nothing like us and cannot be tamed, minimized, marginalized or remade to our liking. READ THIS BOOK.


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