Wednesday Web Wanderings: June 4, 2014


A Prayer for Rejoicing, Again, In God’s Faithfulness and Love (Scotty Smith) “Again I proclaim, you are the treasure of my heart, the deepest desire of my most intense longings, and the One who is alone worthy of all my affection and adoration—my portion today, and forever. ”

MissionTrends: 4 Trends for Churches to Consider (Ed Stetzer) “Christianity will become more of a minority in culture, but more refined, more biblical, and more missional churches will be the result.”

Full of Grace and Truth (Kevin DeYoung) “We need to be grace people and truth people. Not half grace and half truth.  Not all grace on Mondays and all truth on Tuesdays.  All grace and all truth all the time.”

Been praying for our partner church plant in Toronto, Rendezvous Church as they reach out to Toronto through a bicycle clinic this week… Pictures here…


Dancers Mimic a Baby… Modern Dance?


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