Weekend Preview: Kingdom Minded Outsiders Part 3: Daniel Chapter 2

Here is last week’s sermon on Daniel 1.

This Lord’s Day we will continue in Daniel as we look at Daniel 2.

We will also be spending a lot of time in prayer, as we trust and expect God to do great things. We will pray prayers of petition, praise and prayers for the mission of the Lord. The choir will lead us in a call to worship and we will sing the following songs of praise to the Lord.


We will also take the Lord’s Supper. Here is a great explanation of the how and why of the  Lord’s Supper.

And don’t forget to gather with us at 9:45AM for an exciting baptismal service. Come and support these new disciples of Jesus Christ and brothers and sisters in Christ. We will also sing together as we celebrate what the Lord is doing to bring people to salvation.




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