Lord’s Day Preview: August 10, 2014: Where is Jesus?

As we continue in the book of Daniel, we come to Chapter 3. This is one of the most well-known stories in all of Scripture. We will spend the next two weeks looking at the implications of the Gospel and faithfulness in Daniel chapter 3. Tomorrow we will ask the question… WHERE IS JESUS? I believe that this will be the most important sermon I have preached at Old Powhatan Baptist Church in the 7 years I have served as pastor. Prepare to hear from the Lord’s Word. Read the passage. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open your ears and your hearts to what He would lead us to be and do as individuals and as a body of believers. Call someone you haven’t seen at church in a while and invite them to join you. Invite someone new.


A Prayer for Loving God: Fire or no Fire (Scotty Smith)



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